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10.1890   13 0468.1 A depth refugium from catastrophic coral bleaching prevents regional extinction | article
Smith TB, Glynn PW, Maté JL, Toth LT, Gyory J (2014)
Ecology 95:1663-1673
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10.1007   s00338 014 1211 9 Reef oases in a seamount chain in the southwestern Atlantic | article
Pinheiro HT, Joyeux J-C, Moura RL (2014)
Coral Reefs 33:1113
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Boetal2011tubulariidonanthozoan A tubulariid hydroid associated with anthozoan corals in the Mediterranean Sea | article
Bo M, Di Camillo C, Puce S, Canese S, Giusti M, Angiolillo M, Bavestrello G (2011)
Ital J Zool 78:487-496
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Salvati et al. 2010 The population of Errina aspera (Hydrozoa: Stylasteridae) of the Messina Strait (Mediterranean Sea) | article
Salvati E, Angiolillo M, Bo M, Bavestrello G, Giusti M, Cardinali A, Puce S, Spaggiari C, Greco S, Canese S (2010)
J Mar Biol Assoc UK 90:1331-1336
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Love 2010a A survey of the reef fishes, purple hydrocoral (Stylaster californicus), and marine debris of Farnsworth Bank, Santa Catalina Island | article
Love MS, Lenarz B, Snook L (2010)
Bull Mar Sci 86:35-52
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10.1016   s0967 0637%2899%2900093 x Assemblages of hydroids (Cnidaria) from three seamounts near Bermuda in the western North Atlantic | article
Calder DR (2000)
Deep Sea Res A 47:1125-1139
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