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Latest update: October 19, 2018

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Rethinking the Coral Microbiome: Simplicity Exists within a Diverse Microbial Biosphere | article
Hernandez-Agreda A, Leggat W, Bongaerts P, Herrera C, Ainsworth TD (2018)
mBio 9:e00812-18

Acropora tenella, a zooxanthellate coral extending to 110-m depth in the northern Coral Sea | article
Muir PR, Pichon M, Squire L, Wallace CC (2018)
Mar Biodiv

Population connectivity among shallow and mesophotic Montastraea cavernosa corals in the Gulf of Mexico identifies potential for refugia | article
Studivan MS, Voss JD (2018)
Coral Reefs

To what extent do mesophotic coral ecosystems and shallow reefs share species of conservation interest? A systematic review | review
Laverick JH, Piango S, Andradi‑Brown DA, Exton DA, Bongaerts P, Bridge TCL, Lesser MP, Pyle RL, Slattery M, Wagner D, Rogers AD (2018)
Environ Evid

Limited potential of deep reefs to serve as refuges for tropical Southwestern Atlantic corals | article
Morais J, Santos BA (2018)
Ecosphere 9:e02281

Characterizing population structure of coral-associated fauna from mesophotic and shallow habitats in the Caribbean | article
Veglia A, Hammerman NM, Rivera Rosaly CR, Lucas M, Galindo Estronza A, Corgosinho PH, Schizas NV (2018)
J Mar Biol Assoc UK

Mesophotic coral ecosystems are threatened and ecologically distinct from shallow water reefs | article
Rocha LA, Pinheiro HT, Shepherd B, Papastamatiou YP, Luiz OJ, Pyle RL, Bongaerts P (2018)

Assessing population changes of historically overexploited black corals (Order: Antipatharia) in Cozumel, Mexico | article
Gress E, Andradi-Brown DA (2018)
PeerJ 6:e5129

Depth-related patterns in coral recruitment across a shallow to mesophotic gradient | article
Turner JA, Thomson DP, Cresswell AK, Trapon M, Babcock RC (2018)
Coral Reefs

Assessment of Mesophotic Coral Ecosystem Connectivity for Proposed Expansion of a Marine Sanctuary in the Northwest Gulf of Mexico: Population Gene... | article
Studivan MS, Voss JD (2018)
Front Mar Sci

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Delicate stylasterine lace corals and sponges on this deep mesophotic reef off Moheli Island, Comoros, provide impo…

Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
The team in action. Tyler and Mauritius conducting fish surveys and collecting algae at 100 m depth. #mesophotic

Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
Such a beautiful fish - the Chevron Tang, seen on deco here in #Hawaii after coming up from a 100 m dive to the…

Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
Hudson Pinheiro takes in a lovely pair of Tinker's butterflyfish on a #mesophotic #coral ecosystem in #Hawaii. We'r…

Gretchen Goodbody  @pinkfindiver
My postdoc applicant got his scholarship! Welcome to the REEL research group at @BIOSstation Samuel! #coralphysiology #mesophotic

Bart Shepherd  @SteinhartBart
Finally said #aloha to Tinker’s butterflyfish and checked this off the bucket list. One of my favorites. Roughly 60…