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Latest update: April 22, 2019

Latest publications
Response of fluorescence morphs of the mesophotic coral Euphyllia paradivisa to ultra-violet radiation | article
Ben-Zvi Or, Eyal G, Loya Y (2019)
Sci Rep 9:5245

Upwelling as the major source of nitrogen for shallow and deep reef‐building corals across an oceanic atoll system | article
Radice V, Hoegh‐Guldberg O, Fry B, Fox MD, Dove SG (2019)
Functional Ecology

Upper mesophotic depths in the coral reefs of Eilat, Red Sea, offer suitable refuge grounds for coral settlement | article
Kramer N, Eyal G, Tamir R, Loya Y (2019)
Sci Rep 9:2263

Development of a Seamless, High-Resolution Bathymetric Model to Compare Reef Morphology around the Subtropical Island Shelves of Lord Howe Island a... | article
Linklater M, Hamylton SM, Brooke BP, Nichol SL, Jordan AR, Woodroffe CD (2018)
Geosciences 8:1-25

Revision of the genus Adelogorgia Bayer, 1958 (Cnidaria: Anthozoa: Octocorallia) with the description of three new species | article
Zootaxa 4369:327-348

High species richness and lineage diversity of reef corals in the mesophotic zone | article
Muir PR, Wallace CC, Pichon, Bongaerts P (2018)
Proc R Soc B

Sponge density increases with depth throughout the Caribbean | article
Lesser MP, Slattery M (2018)
Ecosphere 9:1-8

A multidisciplinary approach for generating globally consistent data on mesophotic, deep-pelagic, and bathyal biological communities | article
Woodall LC, Andradi-Brown DA, Brierley AS, Clark MR, Connelly D, Hall RA, Howell KL, Huvenne VAI, Linse K, Ross RE, Snelgrove P, Stefanoudis PV, Sutton TT, Taylor M, Thornton TF, Rogers AD (2018)

Deep Reef Benthos of Bermuda: Field Identification Guide | book
Stefanoudis PV, Smith SR, Schneider C, Wagner D, Goodbody-Gringley G, Xavier J, Rivers M, Woodall LC, Rogers AD (2018)

De novo transcriptome assembly of the coral Agaricia lamarcki (Lamarck's sheet coral) from mesophotic depth in southwest Puerto Rico | article
Veglia AJ, Hammerman NM, Rivera-Vicénsa RE, Schizas NV (2018)
Marine Genomics

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