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Latest update: November 27, 2020

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Biogeochemical variability and trophic status of reef water column following a coral bleaching event | article
Radice VZ, Fry B, Dove SG, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2020)
Coral Reefs

Highly diverse mesophotic reef fish communities in Raja Ampat, West Papua | article
Andradi-Brown DA, Beer AJE, Colin L, Hastuti, Head CEI, Hidayat NI, Lindfield SJ, Mitchell CR, Pada DN, Piesinger NM, Purwanto, Ahmadia GN (2020)
Coral Reefs

Trophodynamics of the sclerosponge Ceratoporella nicholsoni along a shallow to mesophotic depth gradient | article
Macartney KJ, Pankey MS, Slattery M, Lesser MP (2020)
Coral Reefs

Low diversity or poorly explored? Mesophotic molluscs highlight undersampling in the Eastern Mediterranean | article
Albano PG, Azzarone M, Amati B, Bogi C, Sabelli B, Rilov G (2020)
Biodivers Conserv

Population genetic structure of the great star coral, Montastraea cavernosa, across the Cuban archipelago with comparisons between microsatellite a... | article
Sturm AB, Eckert RJ, Méndez JG, González-Díaz P, Voss JD (2020)
Sci Rep 10:1-15

Mystery pufferfish create elaborate circular nests at mesophotic depths in Australia | article
Bond T, Mueller RJ, Birt MJ, Prince J, Miller K, Partridge JC, McLean DL (2020)
J Fish Biol

Mesophotic azooxanthellate coral communities and submarine seascape during the early Pliocene in Manilva Basin (S Spain | article
Aguirre J, Ocaña O, Pérez-Asensio JN, Domènech R, Martinell J, Mayoral E, Santos A (2020)
Coral Reefs

The scleractinian Agaricia undata as a new host for the coral-gall crab Opecarcinus hypostegus at Bonaire, southern Caribbean | article
García-Hernández JE, de Gier W, van Moorsel GWNM, Hoeksema BW (2020)
Symbiosis 81:303-311

Monitoring the resilience of a no-take marine reserve to a range extending species using benthic imagery | article
Perkins NR, Hosack GR, Foster SD, Monk J, Barrett NS (2020)
PLoS ONE 15:e0237257

Will coral reef sponges be winners in the Anthropocene? | review
Lesser MP, Slattery M (2020)
Global Change Biol

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Here is another beautiful pigmy angelfish, and this was one of the hardest for me to take a good picture of. Centro…

Luiz Rocha, PhD  @CoralReefFish
Here is another very pretty (but largely underrated) #mesophotic reef fish, Centropyge multicolor, found throughout…

Luiz Rocha, PhD  @CoralReefFish
This is the most beautiful terminal male Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis I have ever photographed. It's a #mesophotic spe…

Coral Triangle Center  @CoralACenter
Think corals have no personality? Try watching them in #timelapse. #animalbehavior #mesophotic

Luiz Rocha, PhD  @CoralReefFish
The Longjaw Squirrelfish (Neoniphon marianus) is very common in upper #mesophotic reefs (between 30 and 60m depth)…

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Time to revive #spongethursday On a soft bottom at 60m a Pagurus arrossor carries a Suberites carnosus while chat…