Raymond Boland

Raymond Boland

Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  (United States)
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Research interests

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I am a Biologist for the Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center/National Marine Fisheries Service/NOAA in Honolulu, Hawaii. I have conducted or been involved in studies to mesophotic depths for: Hawaiian Monk Seal forage base (50-70 meters), fish communities on the banks in the NWHI (30-40 meters), and black coral fish communities of the Au Au channel (40-75 meters). My present interest is in reef fish associated with mesophotic ecosystems in the Hawaiian Archipelago (40-150 meters). I am the Unit Dive Supervisor for NMFS/NOAA in Hawaii and am a recreational technical SCUBA and rebreather instructor.

Research keywords
Research summary (from publications)
5  Ecology
5  Community structure
3  Biodiversity
1  Physiology
1  Oceanography

4  Scleractinia (Hard Corals)
3  Fishes
2  Overall benthic (groups)
2  Octocorallia (Soft Corals)
2  Antipatharia (Black Corals)

6  USA - Hawaii
1  Micronesia - Guam
1  Micronesia - Mariana Islands

4  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
4  Diving - Technical Open-Circuit
4  Towed Video
2  Manned Submersible
1  Diving (unspecified)

5  Parrish
3  Montgomery
3  Rooney
3  Spalding