Kosaki 1989

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Centropyge nahackyi, a new species of angelfish from Johnston Atoll (Teleostei: Pomacanthidae)

Kosaki RK

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The pomacanthid fish Centropyge nahackyi is described from specimens collected at Johnston Atoll at depths between 35-45 m. It is most similar to C. multicolor of the central Pacific, differing in color pattern and character state values. Centropyge nahackyi is dark brown dorsally and posteriorly, and has a yellow abdomen, head, and caudal peduncle; alternating bars of blue and black on the nape extend posteriorly past the dorsal origin.

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10.2307   1445972
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35- 45 m

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USA - Johnston Atoll

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Randall Kosaki ( 12 pubs)