Randall 2015

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A new mesophotic branching coral species of Psammocora from the Mariana Islands Archipelago (Cnidaria: Scleractinia: Psammocoridae)

Randall RH


A new mesophotic zoozanthellate coral species, Psammocora eldredgei, sp. nov. (Scler - actinia), is described as new to science. It has small 2 to 5 mm diameter branches arranged in an open arborescent manner. The calices are small, ranging from 1.40 to 2.41 mm in diameter with 6 to 9 thick closely spaced granulated septa that reach a central fossa and small styliform columella. The species is represented by 516 specimens collected from 16 stations between 33 and 200 m depth from deep banks and island forereef slope habitats along the fore-arc of the Mariana Island Archipelago. The species is named Psammocora eldredgei in honor of the late marine biologist Dr. Lucius. G. Eldredge, who was my thesis chairman in 1971, and a colleague during his long tenure at the University of Guam Marine Laboratory where we worked together on many research projects.

Depth range
33- 200 m

Mesophotic “mentions”
5 x (total of 8093 words)

* Presents original data
* Reports new species
* Focused on 'mesophotic' depth range
* Focused on 'mesophotic coral ecosystem'


Scleractinia (Hard Corals)

Micronesia - Mariana Islands
Micronesia - Guam

SCUBA (open-circuit or unspecified)
Dredging / trawling

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