Steve Lindfield

Steve Lindfield

Palau International Coral Reef Center  (Palau)
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Research interests

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Dr. Lindfield grew up commercial fishing with his father on the Central Coast of NSW Australia and started diving at the age of 12. He completed his Bachelor of Science with first class Honours at the University of Newcastle. Then he was selected as the 2008 Australasian Rolex Scholar for the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society, which allowed him to travel the world for a year SCUBA diving and learning about pressing marine conservation issues.Dr. Lindfield started studying Micronesian coral reefs and fisheries in 2010 when he started his PhD. Although he completed his doctoral studies through the University of Western Australia, he was based in Guam for 2 years where he completed his fieldwork for his thesis “Depth refuge and the impacts of fishing on coral reef fish communities”. He focused his research in the Mariana Islands and Yap’s outer islands, but he has travelled most Micronesian Islands and spent 2 months in Palau last year.Dr. Lindfield is a specialist in the use of stereo-video techniques for counting and measuring fish and has been working with Dr. Jeremy Prince on new data-poor stock assessment techniques for coral reef fisheries. Dr. Lindfield will focus on fisheries research, particularly the research and monitoring to support the Northern Reef Fisheries Initiative.Dr. Lindfield, along with other PICRC researchers are currently conducting diving surveys of the Northern Reefs of Palau to provide data on the size structure and abundance of fishery targeted species. The surveys will provide very accurate and precise data that will be used to assess changes in fish sizes and density as the management is being implemented in the Northern Reefs.


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Lindfield SJ, Harvey ES, Halford AR, McIlwain JL (2016)
Coral Reefs 35:125-137
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10.1111   2041 210x.12262 Silent fish surveys: bubble-free diving highlights inaccuracies associated with SCUBA-based surveys in heavily fished areas | article
Lindfield SJ, Harvey ES, McIlwain JL, Halford AR (2014)
Methods Ecol Evol 5:1061-1069
Adobe pdf disabled addd0070fc849240f18943197db4226a4caf211ae987143710823268485043aa

10.1371   journal.pone.0092628 Depth Refuge and the Impacts of SCUBA Spearfishing on Coral Reef Fishes | article
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