Michael Lombardi

Michael Lombardi

Ocean Opportunity Inc.  (United States)
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Michael spends most of his days underwater, working as a contract undersea specialist in New England, however he has dived the far corners of the planet including miles into underwater caves, deep ocean trenches, and as far as beneath the Antarctic sea ice. He is a past Dive Safety Officer for NOAAÕ¢ŠÎ†¢s Caribbean Marine Research Center, and currently serves as the Dive Safety Officer for both the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, and the University of Rhode Island. He is a lifetime member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS), and served a term as an elected Board Member (2007-2010) to the Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments (HPEE). His work in ocean research and exploration advocacy went recognized locally as one of Rhode Island's '40 Under 40' by the Providence Business News in 2007. Later that year he earned membership in the prestigious Explorers Club. In 2010, MichaelÕ¢ŠÎ†¢s work in deepwater exploration of the Bahamas was supported by the National Geographic Society. Presently with a consistent, and award winning publication record, work featured on local and national media outlets, including NBCÕ¢ŠÎ†¢s Today Show, a keen sense for adopting modern approaches in business and creative development...Michael is on a mission to take exploration and its influences on science, technology, and society where it has not yet oceana incognita, embracing our global community along the way.To learn more about Michael's undersea work and world, visit


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Lombardi 2011a In-Water Strategies for Scientific Diver-Based Examinations of the Vertical Mesophotic Coral Ecosystem (vMCE) from 50 to 150 meters | article
Lombardi M, Godfrey J (2011)

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