Charlie Menza

Charlie Menza

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
United States
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Research interests

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Charles Menza is a spatial ecologist and project leader at the Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment (CCMA). He has been with CCMA for nine years, and has worked on a variety of research projects to better understand the distribution of fish, seabirds, marine mammals and benthic habitats in coastal and marine ecosystems. His research has ranged from modeling the distribution of groundfish in support of bycatch avoidance strategies along the west coast, to identifying invasive species habitats in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, to developing long-term coral reef fish monitoring protocols in the Caribbean. A common thread in much of his work is the development of scientific products which were made to directly support coastal management decisions. Mr. Menza earned an M.S. in Zoology from the University of Toronto, and a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Sciences from McGill University.


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10.1016   j.csr.2007.05.017 A deep reef in deep trouble
Menza C, Kendall M, Rogers C, Miller J
Cont Shelf Res 27:2224-2230 (2007)
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Open access small aa108fa7f478951c693af64a05bc4b46e6711dbb69a20809512a129d4d6b870f

10.15517   rbt.v56i0.5575 The deeper we go the less we know
Menza C, Kendall M, Hile S
Rev Biol Trop 56:11-24 (2008)
Adobe pdf disabled addd0070fc849240f18943197db4226a4caf211ae987143710823268485043aa

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