Xavier Pochon

Xavier Pochon

Cawthron Institute
New Zealand
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Research interests

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Xavier is a marine phylogeneticist with an academic background in coral reef symbioses, species diversity and evolution.His research at Cawthron involves the development of next-generation sequencing (NGS) tools for rapid and cost-effective monitoring of a range of marine organisms present in complex environmental samples, such as seawater, sediment and biofouling.- See more at:


  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

10.1186   1472 6785 9 21 Generalist dinoflagellate endosymbionts and host genotype diversity detected from mesophotic (67-100 m depths) coral Leptoseris
Chan YL, Pochon X, Fisher MA, Wagner D, Concepcion GT, Kahng SE, Toonen RJ, Gates RD
BMC Ecol (2009)
Adobe pdf ff6e8bea21f0598930b59d2452bacbad49a13eb0fa773865059b4c2ed088a358
Open access small aa108fa7f478951c693af64a05bc4b46e6711dbb69a20809512a129d4d6b870f

10.1098   rspb.2010.1681 Azooxanthellate? Most Hawaiian black corals contain Symbiodinium
Wagner D, Pochon X, Irwin L, Toonen RJ, Gates RD
Proc Biol Sci 278:1323-1328 (2011)
Adobe pdf disabled addd0070fc849240f18943197db4226a4caf211ae987143710823268485043aa

10.3354   meps11108 Fluorescent proteins in dominant mesophotic reef-building corals
Roth MS, Padilla-Gamiño JL, Pochon X, Bidigare RR, Gates RD, Smith AM, Spalding HL
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 521:63-79 (2015)
Adobe pdf disabled addd0070fc849240f18943197db4226a4caf211ae987143710823268485043aa

10.1098   rsos.140351 Depth specialization in mesophotic corals (Leptoseris spp.) and associated algal symbionts in Hawai‘i
Pochon X, Forsman ZH, Spalding HL, Padilla-Gamiño JL, Smith CM, Gates RD
R Soc Open Sci 2:140351 (2015)
Adobe pdf disabled addd0070fc849240f18943197db4226a4caf211ae987143710823268485043aa

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4  Molecular ecology
2  Evolution
2  Physiology
1  Biodiversity
1  Community structure

4  Symbiodinium (zooxanthellae)
3  Scleractinia (Hard Corals)
1  Antipatharia (Black Corals)

4  Hawaii
1  Johnston Atoll

4  Manned Submersible
1  Diving - Regular Open-Circuit

2  Spalding
2  Toonen
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