Elliott Jessup

Elliott Jessup

California Academy of Sciences
California Academy of Sciences  (United States)
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Research interests

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Elliott Jessup is the Dive Safety Officer at the Academy, whose main responsibility is to provide a safe working environment for each person in the Academy’s dive program. This includes everything from in-house maintenance diving to scientific field research and collecting. He’s been a certified diver since 2000, teaches scientific divers, and holds technical instructor certifications up to the trimix level. He’s also a first aid, CPR, AED, and O2 Instructor Trainer. He also holds certifications in rebreather, cave, gas blending, and equipment service.

Research keywords
Research summary (from publications)
2  Biodiversity
1  Ecology
1  Community structure
1  Fisheries
1  Management and Conservation

2  Fishes

2  Bermuda
2  Curaçao
1  Bahamas
1  Honduras - Bay Islands
1  Israel - Red Sea

2  Diving - Technical Rebreather
1  Diving (unspecified)
1  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
1  Diving - Technical Open-Circuit
1  Diving - Regular Open-Circuit

2  Goodbody-Gringley
2  Pinheiro
2  Rocha
2  Shepherd
1  Andradi-Brown