Petrescu et al. 2014

scientific article | Zootaxa

Three new Nannastacidae (Crustacea: Cumacea) species from a Caribbean mesophotic ecosystem

Petrescu I, Chatterjee T, Schizas NV

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Examination of substrata from the mesophotic reefs of Mona Island, Puerto Rico yielded 3 new species of cumaceans, all from the family Nannastacidae: Cumella achimae sp. nov., C. victoriae sp. nov. and Nannastacus craciuni sp. nov. The 3 new species bring the total of new cumacean taxa described from the mesophotic reefs of US Caribbean to 9, highlight- ing the potential of mesophotic reefs as a biodiversity hotspot. For the first time we report the genus Nannastacus from the Caribbean Sea.

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10.11646   zootaxa.3765.4.4
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73- 73 m

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