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Peerj 05 3307 A survey of fishes associated with Hawaiian deep-water Halimeda kanaloana (Bryopsidales: Halimedaceae) and Avrainvillea sp.(Bryopsidales: Udoteacea... | article
Langston RC, Spalding HL (2017)
PeerJ 5:e3307
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Winstonetal.2017 coralreefs Intraspecific variability in the life histories of endemic coral-reef fishes between photic and mesophotic depths across the Central Pacific Ocean | article
Winston MS, Taylor BM, Franklin EC (2017)
Coral Reefs 36:663-674
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Sansone etal 2014 gbc revised Sediment Biogeochemistry of Mesophotic Meadows of Calcifying Macroalgae | article
Sansone FJ, Spalding HL, Smith CM (2017)
Aquat Geochem 23:141–164
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10.1007   s00338 017 1569 6 Changes in mesophotic reef fish assemblages along depth and geographical gradients in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands | article
Fukunaga A, Kosaki RK, Wagner D (2017)
Coral Reefs 36:785-790
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10.3391   bir.2017.6.3.12 Distribution and abundance of the introduced snapper Lutjanus kasmira (Forsskål, 1775) on shallow and mesophotic reefs of the Northwestern Hawaiian... | article
Fukunaga A, Kosaki RK, Hauk BB (2017)
BioInvasions Rec 6:259-268
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Fmars 04 00098 Mesophotic depth gradients impact reef fish assemblage composition and functional group partitioning in the main Hawaiian Islands | article
Asher J, Williams ID, Harvey ES (2017)
Front Mar Sci 4:1-18
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S00338 017 1581 x Trophic designation and live coral cover predict changes in reef-fish community structure along a shallow to mesophotic gradient in Hawaii | article
Kane CN, Tissot BN (2017)
Coral Reefs 36:891–901
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S41598 017 03568 1 An assessment of mobile predator populations along shallow and mesophotic depth gradients in the Hawaiian Archipelago | article
Asher J, Williams ID, Harvey ES (2017)
Sci Rep 7:3905
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10.7717 peerj.3532 Fungi associated with mesophotic macroalgae from the ‘Au‘au Channel, west Maui are differentiated by host and overlap terrestrial communities | article
Wainwright BJ, Zahn GL, Spalding HL, Sherwood AR, Smith CM, Amend AS (2017)
PeerJ 5:e3532
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Zk article 11500 Tosanoides obama, a new basslet (Perciformes, Percoidei, Serranidae) from deep coral reefs in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands | article
Pyle RL, Greene BD, Kosaki RK (2016)
Zookeys 641:165-181
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