Paul Muir

Paul Muir

Queensland Museum  (Australia)
Research interests

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Paul Muir is the Collection Manager/ Researcher for corals at the Museum of Tropical Queensland (MTQ), Townsville and has research interests in mesophotic (deep reef) corals, coral biogeography, coral taxonomy and marine microbiology. Paul worked with the renowned coral researcher and former Principal Scientist, Dr. Carden Wallace for many years at the Museum, assuming responsibility for the large coral collection at MTQ following Dr Wallace’s retirement. Paul has expertise in the group of corals known as the “staghorns” or genera Acropora and Isopora which are the main group of reef corals across much of the Indo-Pacific. The coral collection at MTQ is one of the largest in the world, with over 30 000 specimens collected from reef areas throughout the Indo-Pacific and is a valuable resource for marine researchers. Identification of corals is particularly challenging owing to the high level of intra-specific variation, difficulties in defining species boundaries and because identification schemes are based upon fine skeletal characters which are often impossible to observe in-situ.

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