Robin Beaman

Robin Beaman

James Cook University
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Research interests

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I am a Marine Geologist at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, James Cook University in Cairns, Australia. Even though my research base is in northern Australia, my research projects span from polar to tropical seas. I have worked on ocean-going ships for over two decades.My role as an ocean mapping scientist is to conduct research on the geological characterisation of the seabed, and the mapping of living resources and habitats. My focus is to understand the relationships between the physical environment of the seabed and the distribution of marine life on the seafloor.It is important to understand the physical-biological relationships on the seabed, as then we can then make predictions about where we can expect to find similar marine life. This knowledge is very useful for resource managers who make vital decisions about where to protect and preserve marine life - even in the deep sea.My ocean mapping research uses geographic information systems (digital maps), multibeam and sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profilers, underwater video or still imagery, and sediment and water sampling instruments.


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10.1007   s00338 010 0677 3 Topography, substratum and benthic macrofaunal relationships on a tropical mesophotic shelf margin, central Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Bridge TCL, Done TJ, Beaman RJ, Friedman A, Williams SB, Pizarro O, Webster JM
Coral Reefs 30:143-153 (2011)
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10.1007   s00338 011 0725 7 Mesophotic coral ecosystems on the walls of Coral Sea atolls
Bongaerts P, Bridge TCL, Kline DI, Muir PR, Wallace CC, Beaman RJ, Hoegh-Guldberg O
Coral Reefs 30:335 (2011)
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10.1029   2008eo240002 From corals to canyons: The Great Barrier Reef Margin
Webster JM, Beaman RJ, Bridge T, Davies PJ, Byrne M, Williams S, Manning P, Pizarro O, Thornborough K, Woolsey E, Thomas A, Tudhope S
EOS Trans Am Geophys Union 89:217-218 (2008)
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10.1093   icesjms   fss165 Submerged banks in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, greatly increase available coral reef habitat
Harris PT, Bridge TCL, Beaman RJ, Webster JM, Nichol SL, Brooke BP
ICES J Mar Sci 70:284-293 (2012)
Adobe pdf ff6e8bea21f0598930b59d2452bacbad49a13eb0fa773865059b4c2ed088a358
Open access small aa108fa7f478951c693af64a05bc4b46e6711dbb69a20809512a129d4d6b870f

10.3354   meps09046 Variability in mesophotic coral reef communities along the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Bridge TCL, Done TJ, Friedman A, Beaman RJ, Williams SB, Pizarro O, Webster JM
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10.1016   j.margeo.2011.08.006 Geomorphology of submerged reefs on the shelf edge of the Great Barrier Reef: The influence of oscillating Pleistocene sea-levels
Abbey E, Webster JM, Beaman RJ
Mar Geol 288:61-78 (2011)
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10.1371   journal.pone.0048203 Predicting the Location and Spatial Extent of Submerged Coral Reef Habitat in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Australia
Bridge T, Beaman R, Done T, Webster J
PLoS ONE 7:e48203 (2012)
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5  Community structure
4  Geomorphology
2  Biodiversity
2  Management
2  Paleoecology

5  Overall benthic (groups)
3  Scleractinia (Hard Corals)
1  Algae (Macro, Turf and Crustose Coralline)
1  Porifera (Sponges)

6  Australia-GBR
1  Australia-Coral Sea

6  Sonar
5  Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
2  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
2  Diving - Regular Open-Circuit
1  Dredging / trawling

6  Bridge
3  Pizarro
3  Williams
1  Bongaerts
1  Harris