Jack Laverick

Jack Laverick

Oxford University

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Research interests

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My research considers the benthic communities found in mesophotic coral ecosystems (MCEs). MCEs begin at depths of 30m, largely the limit of SCUBA diving, and end with the last occurrence of zooxanthellate corals, (150-200m). Recent interest in MCEs comes from the suggestion that, when connected to shallow reefs, they may be of conservation significance. Depth may provide protection from anthropogenic impacts such as changing sea surface temperatures and coastal run off. As a result, an impacted shallow reef may later recover when mesophotic propagules move vertically. This is known as the Deep Reef Refugia Hypothesis (DRRH).


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10.1186   s13750 016 0068 5 To what extent do mesophotic coral ecosystems and shallow reefs share species of conservation interest? | article
Laverick JH, Andradi-Brown DA, Exton DA, Bongaerts P, Bridge TC, Lesser MP, Pyle RL, Slattery M, Wagner D, Rogers AD (2016)
Environmental Evidence 5:1-8
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