John Reed

John Reed

FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Florida Atlantic University
United States
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Research interests

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John Reed is Principal Investigator for the Robertson Coral Reef Research & Conservation Program. He is a project PI and leads the research and conservation programs on deep water and mesophotic coral reefs for the NOAA Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research, and Technology (CIOERT). John’s research is not only scientifically important, but it has also directly resulted in the protection of fragile deep water coral habitats.


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Pomponi 2001a Diversity and bathymetric distribution of lithistid sponges in the tropical western Atlantic region | article
Pomponi SA, Kelly M, Reed JK, Wright AE (2001)
Bull Biol Soc Wash 10:344-353
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Reed 1997a Biodiversity and distribution of deep and shallow water sponges in the Bahamas | article
Reed JK, Pomponi SA (1997)
Proc 8th Inter Coral Reef Symp 2:1387-1392
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No pdf 1b9f3d12ef7c41b5dcd6d3ff4f9dd4724048d17a98698858e66d6e1bb8a51198 Deep-Water Coral Reefs of the United States | article
Messing CG, Reed JK, Brooke SD, Ross SW (2008)

Reed 2006a Deep-water Oculina reefs of Florida: summary of the state of knowledge of the habitat, fauna, geology, and physical processes of the ecosystem | article
Reed JK (2006)

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10.1016   j.csr.2016.06.012 The perfect storm: match-mismatch of bio-physical events drives larval reef fish connectivity between Pulley Ridge mesophotic reef and the Florida ... | article
Vaza AC, Parisa CB, Olascoaga MJ, Kourafalou VH, Kanga H, Reed JK (2016)
Cont Shelf Res 0:0
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