Michael Studivan

Michael Studivan

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Florida Atlantic University  (United States of America)

5600 N US Highway 1 Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Research interests

Michael is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Joshua Voss' lab at FAU Harbor Branch. His research examines the ecology and genetic connectivity of mesophotic coral reefs (>30m) and the interaction of environment and genotype on coral morphological adaptation to depth. His research addresses key questions regarding mesophotic reefs using Montastraea cavernosa from the Gulf of Mexico (Flower Garden Banks and Pulley Ridge) and the Caribbean (Carrie Bow Cay, Belize). (1) How well are MCEs connected to shallow reefs? (2) How do shallow and mesophotic conspecifics differ in gene expression and corallite morphology? (3) Can corals adapt their morphology and gene expression to match changing environmental stimuli? He is a technical diver with certifications from GUE, AAUS, TDI, PADI, and PSI/PCI. He also has six years of video editing experience and has been producing outreach videos for the lab.

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  SCUBA (open-circuit or unspecified)
  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
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