Gonzalo Perez-Rosales


Gonzalo Perez-Rosales

École Pratique des Hautes Études  ()

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Research interests

Doing a MSc in Biodiversity and Environmental Management of Coral Reefs (EPHE). Graduated in BSc Oceanography. My main interests are (1) understanding how different oceanographic conditions affect growth, robustness and resilience of coral reefs; (2) community structure along the depth gradient; (3) climate change impacts on coral reefs; (4) coral biodiversity, physiology and reproduction, and (5) Symbiodinium. I am also interested in acquiring skills in mapping, modelling and programming. I am currently doing an intern looking at functional diversity biogeography of coral reef fish. M2 intern will be exploring mesophotic reefs in French Polynesia. Constantly looking for opportunities in the world of coral reef research.

Research platform experience
  Diving - Regular Open-Circuit