Mikolaj Zapalski

Mikolaj Zapalski

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Research interests

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I am a palaeontologist working on Palaeozoic tabulate corals. I focus principally on their ecology, especially on symbiotic associations, with focus on photosymbiosis - photosymbionts do not fossilize, so I have to evidence it indirectly. This led me to plating corals, and finally, to the Devonian MCEs. I wish to continue this research, as I think that these ecosystems are even much older.


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10.1007   s00338 017 1575 8 Deep in shadows, deep in time: the oldest mesophotic coral ecosystems from the Devonian of the Holy Cross Mountains (Poland) | article
Zapalski MK, Wrzolek T, Skompski S, Berkowski B (2017)
Coral Reefs
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1  Scleractinia (Hard Corals)