Roy Armstrong

Roy Armstrong

Department of Marine Sciences
University of Puerto Rico-Mayag├╝ez  (Puerto Rico)

  Please note that only publications relevant to mesophotic reefs are indexed.

10.1016   j.csr.2005.10.004 Characterizing the deep insular shelf coral reef habitat of the Hind Bank marine conservation district (US Virgin Islands) using the Seabed autonom... | article
Armstrong RA, Singh H, Torres J, Nemeth RS, Can A, Roman C, Eustice R, Riggs L, Garcia-Moliner G (2006)
Cont Shelf Res 26:194-205
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10.1007   s00338 007 0286 y Deep zooxanthellate coral reefs of the Puerto Rico: US Virgin Islands insular platform | article
Armstrong RA (2007)
Coral Reefs 26:945
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10.1007   s00338 010 0613 6 Geomorphology of mesophotic coral ecosystems: current perspectives on morphology, distribution, and mapping strategies | article
Locker SD, Armstrong RA, Battista TA, Rooney JJ, Sherman C, Zawada DG (2010)
Coral Reefs 29:329-345
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Rivero calle 2009a Biological and physical characteristics of a mesophotic coral reef: Black Jack reef, Vieques, Puerto Rico | article
Rivero-Calle S, Armstrong RA, Soto-Santiago FJ (2008)
Proc 11th Int Coral Reef Symp Session number: 16:567-571
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Armstrong 2008a Monitoring coral reefs in optically-deep waters | article
Armstrong RA, Singh H, Rivero S, Gilbes F (2008)
Proc 11th Int Coral Reef Symp Session number: 17:593-597
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10.1117   12.692993 Remote sensing of deep hermatypic coral reefs in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands using the seabed autonomous underwater vehicle | article
Armstrong RA, Singh H (2006)
SPIE 6360:64600A1-8
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10.1023   b ssta.0000018445.25977.f3 Imaging coral I: Imaging coral habitats with the SeaBED AUV | article
Singh H, Armstrong R, Gilbes F, Eustice R, Roman C, Pizarro O, Torres J (2004)
Subsurface Sensing Tech Appls 5:25-42
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10.1007   978 3 319 25121 9 10 Landscape-level imaging of benthic environments in optically-deep waters | chapter
Armstrong RA (2016)
in: Seafloor Mapping along Continental Shelves () by Finkl CW, Makowski C
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Armstrong 2012a Mesophotic coral reefs of the Puerto Rico Shelf | chapter
Armstrong RA, Singh H (2012)
in: Seafloor Geomorphology as Benthic Habitat: GeoHab Atlas of seafloor geomorphic features and benthic habitats () by Harris P, Baker E
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Armstrong 2010a Large-scale mapping and characterization of deep reef habitats in the US Caribbean | article
Armstrong RA, Singh H, Kunz C (2010)
Proc Gulf Caribb Fish Inst
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