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In situ observation of Denise’s pygmy seahorse Hippocampus denise associated with a gorgonian coral Annella reticulata at Osprey Reef, Australia | article
Nishikawa J, Fitzpatrick R, Reimer JD, Beaman RJ, Yamamoto H, Lindsay DJ (2011)
Galaxea, J Coral Reef Stud 13:25-26
Precious coral and rock sponge gardens on the deep aphotic fore-reef of Osprey Reef (Coral Sea, Australia) | article
Wörheide G, Vargas S, Lüter C, Reitner J (2011)
Coral Reefs 30:901

Mesophotic coral ecosystems on the walls of Coral Sea atolls | article
Bongaerts P, Bridge TCL, Kline DI, Muir PR, Wallace CC, Beaman RJ, Hoegh-Guldberg O (2011)
Coral Reefs 30:335

Two new labrid fishes of the genus Oxycheilinus from the South Pacific | article
Randall JE, Westneat MW, Gomon MF (2003)
Proc Calif Acad Sci 54:361-370, Pl. 1
Morphology and ecology of the deep fore reef slope at Osprey Reef (Coral Sea) | article
Sarano FF, Pichon MM (1988)
Proc 6th Int Coral Reef Symp 2:607-611
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