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Walsh2012a Cirrhilabrus nahackyi, a new wrasse (Perciformes; Labridae) from the South Pacific | article
Walsh F, Tanaka H (2012)
Aqua Int J Ichthyol 18:1-9
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No pdf Three new species of the gobiid fish genus Tryssogobius from the western and South Pacific | article
Randall JE (2006)
Aqua Int J Ichthyol 11:105-116
Sansone etal 2014 gbc revised Sediment Biogeochemistry of Mesophotic Meadows of Calcifying Macroalgae | article
Sansone FJ, Spalding HL, Smith CM (2017)
Aquat Geochem 23:141–164
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No pdf New diving technology for marine scientists | article
Starck WA (1973)
Austral Nat Hist 17:181
No pdf Benthic survey of insular slope coral reefs using the Seabed AUV | article
Armstrong RA; Singh H; Torres J (2002)
Backscatter 13:22-25
Bdj article 994 Xanthichthys greenei, a new species of triggerfish (Balistidae) from the Line Islands | article
Pyle RL, Earle JL (2013)
Biodivers Data J
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No pdf The color phases of the fairy wrasse Cirrhilabrus roseafascia (Osteichthyes, Perciformes, Labridae) and comparison with C. lanceolatus | article
Tanaka H, Pyle RL, Randall JE (2006)
Biogeography 8:7-9

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Lesser slattery2011 article phaseshifttoalgaldominatedcomm Phase shift to algal dominated communities at mesophotic depths associated with lionfish (Pterois volitans) invasion on a Bahamian coral reef | article
Lesser MP, Slattery M (2011)
Biol Invasions 13:1855-1868
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Pagine 94 97 The megabenthic assemblages of the Vercelli Seamount (north Tyrrhenian Sea) | article
Bo M, Camillo C, Bertolino M, Povero P, Misic C, Castellano M, Harriague C, Gasparini G (2010)
Biol Mar Medit 17:94-97
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Pagine 284 285 Preliminary data about mesophotic coralligenous off SCI of Capo Berta | article
Previati M, Enrico G, Palma M (2011)
Biol Mar Medit 18:284-285
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511 randall 2015.compressed A new mesophotic branching coral species of Psammocora from the Mariana Islands Archipelago (Cnidaria: Scleractinia: Psammocoridae) | article
Randall RH (2015)
Bishop Mus Bull Zool 9:129-146
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Op116p41 47 New Species Records of Marine Benthic Algae in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands) | article
Tsuda RT, Spalding HL, Sherwood, AR (2015)
Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 116:41-47
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S9 Color variation and associated behavior in the epinepheline groupers, Mycteroperca microlepis (Goode and Bean) and M. phenax Jordan and Swain | article
Gilmore RG, Jones RS (1992)
Bull Mar Sci 51:83-103
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S8 Community structure, biomass and productivity of deepwater artificial reefs in Hawaii | article
Moffitt RB, Parrish FA, Polovina JJ (1989)
Bull Mar Sci 44:616-630
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S22 Terelabrus rubrovittatus, a new genus and species of labrid fish from New Caledonia and New Guinea | article
Randall JE, Fourmanoir P (1998)
Bull Mar Sci 62:247-252
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S9 %281%29 Habitat and fauna of deep-water Lophelia pertusa coral reefs off the southeastern U.S.: Blake plateau, Straits of Florida, and Gulf of Mexico | article
Reed JK, Weaver DC, Pomponi SA (2006)
Bull Mar Sci 78:343-375
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S49 Artificial reef observations from a manned submersible off southeast Florida | article
Shinn EA, Wicklund RI (1989)
Bull Mar Sci 44:1041-1050
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S16 Trophic structure, diversity and abundance of fishes of the deep reef (30–300 m) at Enewetak, Marshall Islands | article
Thresher RE, Colin PL (1986)
Bull Mar Sci 38:253-272
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Art00007 Deepwater populations of the western Atlantic pearlfish Carapus bermudensis (Ophidiiformes: Carapidae) | article
Tyler JC, Robins RC, Smith LC, Gilmore RG (1992)
Bull Mar Sci 51:218-223
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S12 Astrosarkus idipi, a new Indo-Pacific genus and species of Oreasteridae (Valvatida: Asteroidea) displaying extreme endoskeletal reduction | article
Mah CL (2003)
Bull Mar Sci 73:685-698
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